Recently, I purchased the new FitBit Flex. A FitBit is a light-weight bracelet that helps individuals live a more fit and healthy lifestyle; it monitors your daily steps, workouts, and eating habits. It also provides feedback on your water intake and sleep patterns. As you use your FitBit, you can set your own fitness goals, and when you couple your FitBit with the Aria scale — a WiFi-enabled scale that monitors your weight, BMI, and body fat — you can set certain weight-loss goals.

FitBit’s mission is to empower and inspire you as you make appropriate lifestyle changes. The company designs their products to fit seamlessly into your life so you can achieve your health and fitness goals in an effective manner. With this mission in mind, FitBit has created four monitors to track your progress; One, Zip, and Flex and the aforementioned scale, Aria. All devices can be tracked and monitored online at the FitBit website or on their FitBit App.

I have only had my FitBit for a couple of weeks, and already I’ve noticed a change. I’m more aware of my daily activities and food intake. With the easy to use app and online dashboard, I’m able to see — in realtime — my food and water intake compared to my average daily output. I love that FitBit Flex is lightweight; it’s not bulky like many of the other similar devices I’ve previously owned. With the lightweight band and long-lasting tracking device, I have been able to keep the band on for multiple days at a time.

The Flex also provides a “sleep mode,” you enable this setting before falling asleep each night and then disable once you are awake. This feature allows you to see how many times you were “restless” during your sleep cycle. Once the setting is disabled, the Flex will generate a graph that will showcase the exact times that you were restless so you can monitor your sleep patterns more closely. Finally, to help incorporate all aspect of your healthy lifestyle you are able to connect your Flex to other great exercise tracking devices and apps such as, MyFitnessPal, MapMyFitness, MapMyRun, and many others.

With all these great features and user-friendly website, I would highly recommend this device to anyone who is interested in living a healthier life. Here at iRun.Fit we are all about “progress, not perfection.” The only way to achieve progress is to monitor your actions and your workouts closely.