The Summer is a great time to get out, explore the outdoors, train for any upcoming Fall races, and have fun with community runs. With temperatures pretty reasonable in the mornings and evenings I have found that Summer has become one of my favorite sessions to run, train, and get faster.


As a runner, personal training and person living a healthy & fit lifestyle I’m always on the go and looking for something to give me the energy I need for my runs and workouts. I’ve tried numerous different pre-workout supplements through my running life however, none have truly done what they say. They either taste horrible because you have to mix with water, make you crash at the end of a good run or workout or just don’t do anything in general (which typically happens). Due to this I’m always looking for the next best pre-workout product.

Recently, thanks to Twitter, I was able to test ENERGYBits Algae tablets. ENERGYBits were founded to help individuals get energy faster, easier and healthier. With more than 97% of American chronic illnesses caused by nutritional deficiencies ENERGYBits felt as they needed to create something to help. With no caffeine, chemicals, sugar, gluten or soy, just plant-based nutrition. These 100% natural, certified NON GMO organic green algae tablets are made of over 40 vitamins/minerals and contain 64% protein, which are both essential for athletic performance and health. With only one calorie per tablet ENERGYBits will help stop your craving and give you the steady stream of energy one will need to get through any run or workout. With the slogan, “It’s OK to swallow,” each single serving package is swallowed before any run or workout. I would highly suggest that you don’t chew, I tried and they taste horrible, so stick to the label and swallow!

I recently tested these tablets for my Cherry Blossom 10-Miler in Washington, DC last weekend on April 6th. Before any race I’m always looking for a boost of extra energy due to waking up so early and needing to get focused. Typically I take any pre-workout supplements about 30-45 minutes before my race or workout. Since I was new to ENERGYBIts, I decided to take the tablets on the way to the race, about 20 minutes before the run. As you read earlier, I tried to chew them due to the lack of water nearby and it turned out horrible. Due to this I waited until I got to the race to finish the single serving packet. While waiting at the start line I could already start to feel the effect of the tabs, the hunger that I woke-up with went away as my mind started to focus on the race. As a frequent runner getting focused is one of the most important yet difficult aspects of getting ready for a long-run, but with the ENERGYBits I didn’t have any issues. The best part, I didn’t have to guzzle any unnatural and bad tasting pre-workout drinks like I’m use too. At the beginning of the race I could feel the energy kicking in as I begin my 10-mile journey. It felt as if I could run through anything, at any speed and nothing could stop me. Through the whole race I felt great, had amazing energy and didn’t feel my body crash or get hunger spells. Following the race, which I completed in 1:02, I felt just as fine. I didn’t crash and still had the energy and drive that I had during the run.

Following my first time experience I would highly suggest any runner, trainer or anyone looking for a boost of energy to try ENERGYBits. They are super easy to “swallow” and give you the energy one will needed to complete any task throughout the day. Since my Cherry Blossom 10-Miler I’ve continued to take the tabs for regular runs and workouts. Due to their small packaging and easy to swallow tabs I can carry them wherever I go and use them whenever I need too. If you are looking for extra energy while monitoring what goes in your body I would highly suggest you check out ENERGYBits website to learn more and try the product our yourself, I mean what do you have to lose, energy?