It’s one of the most popular fitness trends happening today, Spin! With classes ranging from high-intensity to low-intensity, to bikes that moving back and forth, to people jumping up and down, and a combination of Spin and Pilates there is a Spin class for everyone… well, most everyone. As a fitness enthusiast, Personal Trainer, and Running Coach I’m always looking for new ways to get individuals into working out or expand their fitness routines through trying new fitness trends, classes, and workout.

Last week I had the privilege of being invited to join a PureRyde spin class in Bethesda, MD. PureRyde is where luxury and innovative equipment meets an upbeat instructor that provides a unique, high energy, total body workout. These studio’s operate both Spin and Pilates Reformer class options to participants along with locker-rooms, gear shops, and towels for before and after workouts. With multiple studio’s in the U.S. along with multiple class pricing option including single class pass, multiple class passes, and monthly class passes these boutique studio’s have the flexibility for anyone who is looking to get a hard workout in while having a good time.


I’ve taken a lot of Spin classes over the year’s, including classes at local gyms, SoulCycle, Zango, RideDC, and many more and I will have to say the PureRyde bikes are one of the most challenging do to using RealRider bikes. If you aren’t familiar with RealRider bikes, these are bikes that move side-to-side and include light weights for some arm workouts. Do to this, these bikes move back and forth super easily and require participants to really engage their core to help control the movement and focus on spinning. With classes lasting 50-minutes participants get a wide range of moves including jumps, seated climbs, rocking (moving the bike back and forth), sprints, stability rides, and the use of light weights to help work the core while keeping a high-intensity workout.

Since this was my first time on a RealRider bike I will say it was very challenging trying to keep the bike stable while using my core. By no means was this a turnoff, it actually motivated me to focus more on my core, keeping the bike still and not just bouncing around while spinning. It engaged my core in ways that I’ve never had it engaged, in ways that made me really feel like I was getting a workout and not just spinning, plus there were some pretty good jams happening and wet mint towels after the class. This 50-minute class rocked my world, taught me something new about spinning, and showed me that spin isn’t just about how far or fast you can go, but how much fun you can have while engaging your whole body, moving side-to-side, and sweating like crazy.

Overall I would highly suggest this style of Spin Class to individuals looking to expand their fitness workouts and try something new. Not only are you working your legs but also engaging your core for a full body workout that will make you want to come back, try it for yourself.  :) To learn more or to register for a class visit, www.pureryde.com.